Items You Should Never Place in Your Lancaster, Pennsylvania Dryer

Our trusty dryers lend enormous convenience to our lives. If you’re not thinking it through, sometimes throwing any wet object in the dryer can seem like a good idea. However, careless use of your dryer can greatly increase your risk of a fire. Protect your Lancaster, PA home and keep these items out of your unit.

  • Clothing with flammable stains. It’s pretty easy to find your clothes covered in oil or gas after spending a few hours working on a car. Likewise, cleaning agents, paint thinners, and cooking oil are all common stains. However, these articles of clothing are best air dried, as they won’t mix well with heat.
  • Clothing with pet hair on it. Nothing beats an animal companion...but take the time to clean Fluffy’s hair off that sweater before tossing it in the dryer. Pet hair can easily sneak through the lint filter, get in your vent, and collect even more lint. Reduce the risk of a dryer vent fire by using a lint roller on these items beforehand.
  • Anything with rubber or plastic. The high temperatures in a dryer can cause these materials to degrade. Small particles may fall off, which may then find themselves in your dryer vent, contributing to a clog or obstruction. As a general rule, let these items air dry.

Even if you’re very careful about what you dry, vent cleaning will be required at least once a year. Our experienced, friendly technicians are on-hand to perform any dryer vent cleaning services you may require in Lancaster, PA.

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